While growing up, I spent many months traveling both domestically and internationally with my parents and two younger siblings. I was homeschooled on our trips and learned an enormous amount. My classroom changed every week from the soaring Himalayan Mountains to the rich cultural history of ancient Peruvian ruins. These travels helped shape me as a young artist and continue to inspire my artwork. During what would have been my high school years, the adventures continued, and I spent a year attending school in Ecuador before returning to the U.S and starting college early.

    In college, I studied Business and Nonprofit Management while simultaneously pursuing my true passion: art. I took many courses in fiber arts and metals including two student-faculty collaborative research projects. I also worked as a studio monitor and teaching assistant for the fibers and metals professors.

    Following my graduation in 2015, I now work as a full-time jeweler. My chosen medium is beadwork because I love the way glass beads work as building blocks to create textural, three-dimensional jewelry. I make each piece of my jewelry by sewing hundreds or often thousands of tiny glass seed beads together one at a time using a needle and thread. The patterns and colors in gemstones also fascinate me. I incorporate them into many of my pieces by weaving seed beads around a single gem, which holds the stone in place with nothing more than tension. A single piece of jewelry can take me up to a full week of work to complete.

If you live nearby one of my upcoming shows, please feel free to stop by my booth and see my artwork in person! Or you can peruse pieces available online by clicking on my store tab. I also work with wholesale clients such as galleries, and my online store reflects my most up to date wholesale line.

-Shea Henke

 Shea Henke

Contact Information:

Email: sheahenke@gmail.com

Phone: 970-286-3222

Store: squareup.com/market/sheahenke

Facebook: facebook.com/sheahenkeart

Instagram: instagram.com/sheahenke

Photo credit for all website images: Heather Sloan

Process Bead Palette

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